Gospar DujeBorn in 1981 in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the younger son of father Bajo and mother Nadalina. Olther brother’s name is Oleg. “When Nadalina whisks eggs”… CoolCoolCoolThat was the song we used to sing to my Mom, it was one of the dearest songs in our home. It used to fill our hearts with positive energy and joy… Graduated from elementary and high school in Trebinje, as an exemplary student. I must admit that I had a wonderful childhood, although there was a war at that time in BiH. I grew up in a harmonic family home with my Granny, Grandpa, Father, Mother and Brother. My Granny had been a great influence in my life. I spent with her most of my childhood time. Despite of all suffering my family went through in the last war, I can say that I never felt lack of their love and affection. My father and brother were professionally engaged in soccer, while I’m more of artistic spirit. 🙂 I graduated from The Faculty of Philosophy – Journalism department in Banja Luka while I finished my master studies “Regional, comparative politics” at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. Currently I live in Belgrade, Serbia, where I had lived and worked also in the past. Joyful and free spirited. Strong character, liberal and tolerant. I was always guided by the fact that nothing in life is by chance and that every moment of life should be lived in present without looking back and ahead.